Fab & Fifty Giveaway

Now you can’t have a milestone birthday like 50, without a party, and you can be sure I will be rocking a statement lip at my big birthday bash.  

Lots of my clients start off a little afraid of a bold lip, but soon come round when they see the results. A pop of colour on the lips can really lift your face and make you feel a million bucks. And it doesn’t have to be red, there are so many other beautiful brights like raspberry and orange. 

For my fiftieth though, I will be wearing my absolute favourite, the classic  Scarlett by Rageism. It is the bomb (shell maker).  

Ready for a statement lip? Do it.  

Check out all my tried tested and loved lip kits – I only stock the best makeup for over 40s 

It’s my birthday and I’ll have bright lips if I want to.

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