Welcome To The Ageless Beauty Makeup Masterclasses

There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, which is of course part of the makeup artist craft. But in my opinion, it’s totes not essential for mere mortals. I mean that in the nicest most fabulous way – don’t get bogged down in the hysteria of makeup land. And no, you don’t need all that baking, cut-crease malarky, nor thousands of layers of makeup, clown contouring, or a million step skincare regime – you really don’t. What I’m going to deliver here is what you need to look radiant daily, to rock on and feel fabulous every darn day. It’s your Mature Skin Makeup 101. The Basics. I’ll take you from confusion to confidence, so you can shine bright like a damn diamond Sister! No BS. Just what you need to know to 5-Minute-Makeup with confidence. It's all about embracing age and the wisdom and beauty that comes with it.

To get the most out of The Ageless Beauty Masterclasses start at Step 1. Make your way step by step through the video tutorial lessons. Practice, it really is the key to success. Let go of perfection. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice, practice, practice. The more you give it a go, the more it will become habit.



After the birth of my second child, and the looming event of my 40th birthday, I embarked on Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

The first step in the challenge was to 'Gear Up'. I liked that bit. That I could do. It eases you into a new way of living. Go out, shop for new gear, so I felt “good”. Liked it. Chuck out all the sugary, processed foods so that there was no temptation to fall off the wagon, stock the cupboards with healthy food, and switch the mindset to “I can do this” or as Glennon Doyle says “We can do hard things”!

And that’s what this “module” is all about. Gearing you up for success! Setting the foundations for your rekindled love affair with makeup and boosting your confidence. You can do this, with the right tools and the right products for mature skin.

So "Gear Up", will save you money, ensuring you get the right products and tools for your face now.
1.1 Brushes and Tools
The right brushes and tools will make creating beautiful makeup a breeze. Here is what you need plus how to wash and care for your brushes.

1.2 Your Essentials Kit List
A list of the skincare and makeup product must-haves for healthy skin and flattering makeup. Hunt and gather what you already have, and perhaps buy what you don’t have now so you can ‘gear up” for playing along.

1.3 Skincare 101
Demystifying and simplifying your morning and evening skincare routines to encourage optimal skin health and enabling you to feel more confident in your own skin.

1.4 Prep + Prime Skin
To prime or not to prime, that is the constant question. The low-down on preparing and priming your skin for makeup that applies beautifully and lasts longer.
2.1 Basic Everyday Eye
Everyday eyes made simple. Your quick, easy, totally doable basic eye makeup tutorial to define and freshen up your peepers.

2.2 Pro Tips for Lifted Lids
The best-kept pro Artist tip for lifting your eyes. Watch this tutorial and you’ll never have droopy looking eyes again.

2.3 Eyeliner Basics

Eyeliner made simple. Breaking down the do’s, don’ts and how-to use eyeliner to define and enhance your eyes.

2.4 Mascara Magic
The how, what and why mascara is magic for mature eyes.

2.5 Day to Night
Quick tips for taking your daytime eye makeup and cranking it up for a bit of night time glam. Includes a guide to colours that will makeup your eyes pop.
The windows to your soul so they say. Eyes are possibly that area you’ve almost given up on.

It’s a zone we notice the changing of our face: the crinkles, the wrinkles, the disappearing socket, the hooding, heaviness, or crepiness of your lids – and then you add failing eyesight and it can all feel too hard. It really doesn’t have to be.

As your eyes are quite literally dropping back into your head – we’ve osteoporosis of the occipital bone to thank for that – it’s important to define your eyes, bring them to life and enhance them.

Don’t ignore them, let’s show you how to bring the “sparkle” back and enhance your beautiful eyes.
It’s all about the Base.

That elusive quest to have a “flawless” looking complexion.

Let’s start by letting go of the word “flawless”. What makes us all individually beautiful are our flaws.

What we will do here is understand and learn how to create a natural-looking base, healthy-looking skin.

The end-goal is to look like you’ve got amazing skin, rather than a face-full-of-foundation.
3.1 Foundation Formulas
Your guide to the main foundation formulas, who they suit, why you need them, so you can choose the right formula for your skin type.

3.2 Choosing The Right Colour
How to choose the right foundation colour for you, so that your makeup looks natural and healthy. No masks here.

3.3 What’s BB Creme?
Deciphering the BB Cream, CC Cream, tinted moisturiser category so you can confidently decide if this is something you need.

3.4 Application Tips
My foolproof “warrior face” application technique, will ensure you get the right amount of product where you need it most. Plus we’ll walk through fingers, brushes and sponges, to help you sort out what will work best for you.

3.5 Concealer Tricks
Brightening-up your delicate under eye zone without product sitting in the crinkles plus tips for covering blemishes (who knew we would still get them at our age?!)

3.6 How, What & Why Blush
Bringing Blush back into the spotlight. Blush is one of the most-underated products that you need. I’ll show you how to choose the right colour and formula plus where and how to apply to give your whole complexion and face a lift.
4.1 Brow Products
We will sift through the plethora of brow product options so you can confidently choose the right products for you.

4.2 How To Shape Brows
A Brow 101. Tips for tinting, shaping, defining your brows for an instant eye lift. Beats surgery!

4.3 Longer Lasting Lip Colour
The truth about longwear lip formulas and the tricks for getting quality lip colours to last longer.

4.4 Plumper Looking Lip Tricks
Top tips and tricks for plumper looking lips without going down the fillers road.

4.5 Choosing Lipstick Colours
Let’s simplify the whole lipstick colour thing and help you find the most flattering shades for you.
step 4
Defining Brows + Lips
Pulling your whole look together is the “defining duo” of Brows and Lips. Brows frame your face. And when you get to our age you’ve seen a lot of brow trends come and go, it’s no wonder you’re all confused about the what, how and why of brows. Here I’ll show you how to shape, define and fill in your brows to flatter and lift your whole face. Then there’s your poor, old, much-forgotten-and-neglected lips. Slowly shrinking and disappearing, I’ll show you how to get plumper looking lips fast.
step 5
The Finishing touches
You’ve mastered a full face of makeup - whether you want a quick, easy 5 minutes to fabulous version or the full glam evening look, by now you’re all over it.

Here are the finishing touches, the icing on the cake bits.

The extra little tricks that make your makeup sing… plus how to take it all off at the end of the day so you’re skin gets a breather, can crack on with it’s repair work overnight.
5.1 Shaping With Bronzer
Natural looking contouring for grown-ups. The what, where and how of applying bronzer to create shape, soften a double-chin/jowls, and give dimension to your face.

5.2 Highlighting For Grown Ups
How to use highlighting products to give extra bling, and look radiant AF.

5.3 Setting + Finishing
Choosing the right products to finish and set your makeup so it lasts longer.

5.4 How To Remove Makeup
The right way to remove your makeup and sunscreen.

5.5 Your 5 Minute Makeup
Here you will find your 5-Minute Makeup look from start to finish.


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