Teen Beauty Consult
Teen Beauty Consult
Teen Beauty Consult
Teen Beauty Consult

Teen Beauty Consult

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Has your tween or teen started to show interest in skincare, makeup, self care and you’re not sure which  direction to point them in? Or are you concerned they’ve be “influenced” on social media and have concerns about the direction they are taking? Heaven knows they won’t listen to you ha ha but they may be more willing to take guidance from a seasoned professional. I’ve helped thousands of young girls, and I can help yours too.


As a professional makeup artist, aunty and mother of tweens and teens, I get it. I understand all the marketing and social media messaging that’s being hurled upon our young people, and to be frank it’s quite dangerous to their long term health. I can help your teen on the path to a healthy relationship with “beauty”.

As a trusted beauty judge I’m on top of the latest beauty and skincare trends, I know what works, I understand young skin from all my years in the industry, and I’ll never make a recommendation that doesn’t support the health of your young persons skin.

A private online beauty consult is your chance to get expert beauty advice from a multi-award-winning professional who understands your tween/teen needs.

The consult is completely personalised and customised. Drawing on my 20+ years of experience working on fashion week with Miranda Kerr and music videos with Delta Goodrem, we’ll choose products and/or create simple routines that set your young person up with a healthy self care ritual and simple skincare routine.

You have three consult options to choose from, and if you don't know which is right for you, just book a session with the time slot that fits your budget and we'll take it from there. 

All sessions include a bespoke, personalised shopping list with clickable links just for you. 

20 minutes - $100 (On Sale $50)

It’s well documented that the wrong products are being targeted at young people. This can in fact be highly problematic for the long term. If your teen already has skincare products, I will review these and make tweaks and adjustments where necessary. 

I will suggest new products that will better serve young skin.

This is a product consult that will arm your teen with the right products for an everyday skin routine. And I’ll make recommendations for specialist referrals should your teen need extra support with acne and chronic skin conditions. There is a danger in “throwing everything at it”. I’ll help you navigate this, I know you just want the best for your loved one.

If you want a personalised skincare lesson, please book a 40-minute session.

40 minutes - $149 (On Sale $99)

This private online skincare lesson digs a little deeper into helping your teen understand a healthy routine, what order to apply products, including some essential explanations of ingredients what to look for and what to avoid. This session is all about prioritising the right products for your teens skin, plus tips on how to use each product, and where it fits into their routine. We will work together to design a daily skincare routine that preps your teens skin for long term success as well as overall skin health and confidence.

40 minutes - $149 (On Sale $99)

This one-on-one online consult isn't just about great makeup, it’s learning how to use a few key products to enhance natural beauty. It’s a makeup 101. And introduction to the what where how and why of age relevant makeup products and options for young skin.


Once you schedule and pay for the personal beauty consult, you will receive a series of two emails. One confirming your payment. A second email from my booking system called "Sesami". Please check your Junk or SPAM folder in case it lands in there. The second email will have a link to a TYPEFORM with few questions for you to answer, it is really important that you take the time to fill this form out, so we can dive right into my recommendations during the consult. The second email also requests a photo so I can do a little prep before the online beauty consult.


After the session, you will receive a follow up email containing your Personal Shopping Guide with all the suggested and recommended makeup or skincare products.