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Makeup Mastery for women over 40


For women who believe that beauty doesn't have an expiration date

"You have changed my life. I know that sounds crazy but seriously, you have. I am loving makeup again, I love how the products makeup me look and feel. The course is so good, and the products so much better than anything I've ever used before. Thankyou." JUSTINE

What is it?

Welcome to Ageless Beauty, a makeup course where turning 40 is just the beginning of your beauty adventure. Ageless Beauty is more than just a makeup course — it’s a journey into the world of age-loving beauty techniques. With over 25 video tutorials spanning 8 hours, this beginner-friendly course covers everything from skincare essentials to modern makeup application, helping you create the looks you love with confidence.


Embrace your beauty at every age

We focus on celebrating your unique beauty at this stage and chapter of life, not about chasing unrealistic beauty standards. By the end of the course you’ll transform the way you see makeup, and yourself. And we are so confident you will love this complete makeup course, that we offer you a
30 day money back guarantee*!

"You are so relatable, genuine and real which is wonderful for over 40’s women to have someone to feel so comfortable about themselves with – thank you ❤ 😊. Loved the Ageless Beauty course" NATASHA

"After joining the Ageless Beauty course I have learnt tricks and tips for applying makeup and how to nurture and love my own skin. I could write paragraphs on how much I enjoy Amanda's tutorials!! She has this shining personality and such a magical touch to make learning just so enjoyable and confidence boosting." JANICE

✘ Disheartened by anti-aging hype

✘ Confused about what to choose

✘ Anxiety at beauty counters and panic-buying the wrong products

✘ Total overwhelm and uncertainty

✘ Stuck in a makeup rut

✘ Clueless about how to apply your products

✘ Not loving what you see in the mirror

✘ Tiresome 10-step beauty routines
✔ Ready to embrace looking your best

✔ Confident with makeup selections

✔ All the know-how to shop with confidence

✔ Clear, jargon-free guidance at home

✔ Finding joy creating fresh, new looks

✔ Knowing exactly how to use your products, and having fun with makeup

✔ Loving the skin you're in

✔ Simple self-care skin rituals that work

What's included in your journey to Ageless Beauty

This online makeup course offers everything you need to love the skin you’re in, lift you up to shine and celebrate the privilege of aging. It's 21 years of industry experience, distilled into a set of fundamental techniques created specifically to work for all women aged 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

Video lessons
Step-by-step videos simplify complex techniques into easy, actionable steps. Think of it like your personal on-call beauty coach.
Cheat sheets
Handy references distil key points from the videos, ensuring you have quick and easy access to vital tips and tricks anytime, anywhere
Product suggestions
Navigate the overwhelming world of beauty products with our curated product suggestions proven to work wonders for mature skin.
Members Course Access
Your beauty journey evolves with you. Enjoy 6 months access to all course materials, revisiting video lessons as your needs change over time.
Exclusive community access
Become part of our supportive online Facebook community featuring bonus live tutorials and Q&A sessions with Amanda.
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Celebrate the start of your journey with a surprise gift valued at $60 to help you embrace and enhance your natural beauty. Valid with complete course purchases only, not individual chapters.
30 day money back guarantee
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"I truly appreciate your course and advice. From a person who wore make up maybe once a year (cause I didn’t know how) to a person who wears it everyday, I’m loving catching my reflection in a mirror and thinking, ‘yeah, you go alright for a 50 year old’!" LEANNE

Happy graduates

Hear from our happy graduates who have transformed their makeup routines and boosted their confidence.

"Amanda Ramsay's lessons have really help me create new looks. I feel like a million dollars and super confident with this look. I love the compliments I now get on my make up! Thanks Amanda for everything." LINDA

"I wanted to say how much I have learned from the Ageless Beauty course. I have ALWAYS loved makeup and playing around with it but I have learned so, so much." KRISTI

"I indulged myself by watching all the Ageless Beauty videos whilst doing my makeup in real-time… Game changer. I felt so confident with what I had done." BELINDA

"I have loved everything I've purchased from you and feel much more confident applying makeup since I started watching the video lessons." ELIZABETH

"Thanks Amanda. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into educating us old birds! The Ageless Beauty course has been a game-changer." DIANA

"I have my ups and downs but I know that without you and the Ageless Beauty course, I wouldn’t be getting all these great comments which is helping me get through life once day at a time." KRISTY

"I am getting so many positive comments on my new look … you are so glowy and fabulous. It feels so good. Thank you." KIRSTIE

"Thanks for your fabulous makeup course. You are truly inspirational and have given me the courage to experiment a lot more." LISA

"You have changed my life. I know that sounds crazy but seriously, you have. I am loving makeup again, I love how the products makeup me look and feel. The course is so good, and the products so much better than anything I've ever used before. Thankyou." JUSTINE

What you’ll learn

This module goes is all about gearing you up for success! Setting the foundations for your rekindled love affair with makeup and boosting your confidence. You can do this, with the right tools and the right products for mature skin. So "Gear Up", will save you money, ensuring you get the right products and tools for your face now.
The windows to your soul so they say. Eyes are possibly that area you’ve almost given up on. It’s a zone we notice the changing of our face: the crinkles, the wrinkles, the disappearing socket, the hooding, heaviness, or crepiness of your lids. Don’t ignore them, let’s show you how to bring the “sparkle” back and enhance your beautiful eyes.
It’s all about the Base. That elusive quest to have a “flawless” looking complexion.

Let’s start by letting go of the word “flawless”. What makes us all individually beautiful are our flaws. What we will do here is understand and learn how to create a natural-looking base, healthy-looking skin.

The end-goal is to look like you’ve got amazing skin, rather than a face-full-of-foundation.
Pulling your whole look together is the “defining duo” of Brows and Lips. Brows frame your face.

Here I’ll show you how to shape, define and fill in your brows to flatter and lift your whole face.

Then there’s your poor, old, much-forgotten-and-neglected lips. Slowly shrinking and disappearing.

I’ll show you how to get plumper looking lips fast.
You’ve mastered a full face of makeup - whether you want a quick, easy 5 minutes to fabulous version or the full glam evening look, by now you’re all over it. Here are the finishing touches, the icing on the cake bits.

The extra little tricks that make your makeup sing… plus how to take it all off at the end of the day so you’re skin gets a breather, can crack on with it’s repair work overnight.
Meet Amanda Ramsay, your make-up expert
Hi Beauty,

Let me guess. You’re here because you're totally fed up with being told you need to "anti-age" everything. I'm mad about it too. Youth is not the only definition of beauty.

I say to hell with the beauty industry's persistent intention to feed on the "fear of ageing" that prays on our insecurities instead of celebrating the gift of age. While things are changing slowly, we still have a long way to go. And that, my beautiful friend, is why you’re here.

Together, through this course, we’ll celebrate the privilege of ageing. I’ll share flattering makeup looks and efficient beauty routines, to help you look and feel your best without spending hours in front of the mirror. Because life's too short for lengthy beauty routines!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Amanda x

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If you're a woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond, and want to shake up your beauty routine, learn new skills, or simply find makeup that works for your skin type, Ageless Beauty is for you. It's never too late to fall in love with makeup (and yourself) again, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. This course is for every skin tone and face shape. Everyone from a total makeup novice to a makeup lover.

Yes! The course is designed so you don't feel overwhelmed. You can take is slow, start from the beginning and work your way through each video as it suits you. Each video lesson builds on the knowledge of the previous lesson. We recommend you watch a video, try out the tips in real time, practice and take your time. There is no set time to master any of the skills ... you take it at your pace. You have the freedom and flexibility to jump in for a refresher whenever you need it. For extra support, tune in to the fortnightly Facebook Live Q&A sessions.

Sure, there are plenty of free makeup videos online — some are complex and complicated, many are not qualified experienced multi-award winning professional makeup artists, nor over 40's makeup specialists, and others are just straight up wrong (and give women the bum steer!). Amanda takes a deep dive into each topic area, really breaking down the steps, so it's easy for you to follow along and practise the techniques. Plus everything is housed in one convenient location so you don’t have to waste time digging around the internet or scrolling for hours to find relevant, age-appropriate content. Each video is designed with the time poor woman in mind!

Absolutely. While product recommendations are made, the goal of the course is to arm you with the skills to confidently do your own makeup, using the products you may already have and love. Amanda suggests a fabulous selection of clean makeup and skincare that focuses on nurturing and nourishing sensitive, mature skin.

Yes! You can start your makeup education today and pay for the course in 6x equal monthly instalments with our payment plan option. Please note the payment plan is only available on the full course option (not the indivudual module/chapters). We also offer Afterpay.

This free gift is valid with all complete course purchases only, with an Australian residential postal address. Sorry, we are unable to send our gifts globally at the moment.

If you have bought an individual chapter/module, the free gift doesn’t apply.

Your Welcome Gift will be sent 30 days after your course purchase. It is something hand selected by Amanda, but is not sold in the online shop.

We are so confident with our course that if you’ve given it a go, and you're not happy after 30 days of logging on, we will refund 100% of the course cost. We simply ask that you watch at least 5 of the video tutorials and give the course a chance, before asking for a refund. If you're still not digging it, no questions asked, your money will be refunded. Your Welcome Gift will be sent after the first 30 days.


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