Ageless Beauty Course Chapter 2 Enhancing Eyes

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So you're struggling with droopy, hooding eyes, and crepey lids? And generally finding eye makeup challenging? Enhancing Eyes is the answer to perfecting your everyday eye makeup as we roll with the joys of the aging process.
I'm so excited to now offer The Ageless Beauty Makeup Course as individual Chapters (aka modules) so you can access the step by step video content that most interest you.

This is Chapter 2 Enhancing Eyes. 

This course chapter is designed to help you take your makeup skills to the next level with five comprehensive lessons on Enhancing Eyes. This tutorial series covers everything from basic everyday looks to more advanced techniques for special occasions.

I guide you through every step of the process via easy to follow and fun video lessons that show you the tips and tricks for more lifted, defined and sparkling eyes.


Lesson 1
You'll learn the art of the Easy Everyday Eye. Amanda will show you how to create a beautiful, natural look that's perfect for any occasion. From choosing the right eyeshadow shades to blending techniques, you'll master the skills you need to create a flawless eye look every time.

Lesson 2
We'll focus on Lifted Lids. Amanda will teach you how to create the perfect eyeshadow look to elongate and make your eyes look larger and more lifted. You'll learn how to use light and dark eyeshadows to create depth and how to apply eyeliner to achieve a subtle but effective lift.

Lesson 3
Covers Eyeliner Basics. Amanda will teach you how to choose the right type of eyeliner for your eye shape, and how to apply it like a pro. You'll learn different techniques for creating different eyeliner styles, from a classic winged look to a modern graphic eye.

Lesson 4
We'll focus on Mascara Magic. Amanda will teach you how to choose the right mascara for your lashes and how to apply it for maximum effect. You'll learn how to curl your lashes, apply mascara evenly, and how to create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

Lesson 5
Amanda will show you how to take your look from Day to Night. This will teach you how to create a beautiful, natural daytime look that can be easily transformed into a dramatic evening look. You'll learn how to add a touch of glamour to your makeup with a few simple techniques.

Amanda's Makeup Course is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their makeup skills, from beginners to advanced makeup enthusiasts. With expert guidance you'll learn the essential techniques and tools to create beautiful, professional-looking makeup looks.

The Course is designed for women over 40 with minimal technological skills, it is very easy to use, a simple website platform that is password protected, that you can access from any device. All you need to get started is a device (a smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) and a simple password login. You can literally watch these video lessons and tutorials anywhere, anytime. 
Sign up now, Enhance your Eyes and take your skills to the next level.

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